How To Avoid Mistakes With Your Will

If you pass away without a will, you run the risk of having a court decide how your estate will be distributed. The court's decision may or may not reflect your wishes.

As an attorney who administers estates and probate, I have also seen that the failure to create a will can lead to nasty, expensive fights between family members.

That is why, at David A. Haffey, Esq. LLC, I work diligently to help my clients avoid probate. With a properly constructed will and estate plan, you will bypass probate and be assured that your wishes are followed after you die.

Who Should Be The Executor?

An executor is the person who is responsible for carrying out the instructions that are in your will. Many people assume that a family member should be the executor, but family members are not always the best choice.

When the executor is not up to the task, it can mean your wishes are not followed. An incompetent executor also can lead to costly litigation.

With my decades of experience in the planning and administration of estates, I am able to make executor recommendations that are best for your circumstances.

Vast Experience In The Writing Of Wills

At David A. Haffey, Esq. LLC, I focus on a narrow piece of the law, so I am well-versed in the intricacies of writing wills, including living wills.

When you meet with me, I will take the time that is needed to get to know you and your goals. Then I will craft a will that meets your needs.

Plus, with effective estate planning, wills often are written with corresponding trusts. I am an authority on living trusts and I have shared my knowledge by speaking at professional conferences and seminars throughout the state.

How To Contact Me

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