How To Bypass Ohio's Problematic Probate Laws

Ohio's probate system is time-consuming, expensive and frustrating. Ohio has never adopted the Uniform Probate Code, a standardization of probate law that was completed in 1969 and was intended to be used in all 50 states. As a result, we have a probate process that can be a major burden.

That is why I work diligently to help my clients avoid probate. With a properly constructed estate plan, you will bypass probate and be assured that your wishes will be followed. Plus, you will keep your estate out of Ohio probate and eliminate a potential problem for your loved ones.

A Estate Plan That Is Made For You

While you want your estate to stay out of probate, you also want an estate plan that will accomplish your goals. I will craft a customized plan that will help you do that. Your estate plan may include:

Skill And Experience In Estate Planning

I focus on a narrow piece of the law, so I am well-versed in all aspects of estate planning.

When you meet with me, I will take the time that is needed to get to know you and your goals. Then I will craft a solution that meets your needs both now and into the future.

I am an authority on living trusts and I have shared my knowledge by speaking at professional conferences and seminars throughout the state.

How To Contact Me

Do you need an experienced lawyer you can trust for the planning of your estate? Contact my office, David A. Haffey, Esq. LLC, in Dayton, Ohio. Call 937-705-5241 or contact me online.